Good morning everyone! Hope you are all well!

As we all know.. ladies.. the time of the month can sometimes effect our skin and for me, these last few months I've seen some changes. Now normally my skin is pretty good with handling that time of the month, however, I've been through a lot of stress which has caused me to break out and my skin has become super dry. More dry than normal and i felt like I needed to get this under control!

I have two specific products that I have been using within my skin care routine to tackle the problem and heck! it's worked! I usually apply this serum at night as I feel I can leave it to soak a little longer and give my skin a pamper! This little beauty is the LaCure BEAUTE Paris - Multi benefit rose cream gel. This little detox in a tube has made my skin super soft and absorbs into the skin quite quickly. The smell is rose but it's not overpowering HALLELUJAH!

I found the serum to be quite light weight which is amazing and I'm not a big fan of thick gels. This felt like hydration to the fullest and I'm super happy to have this within my routine!

Other tips to help skin hydration!

* Keep hydrated. Now this tip is underestimated and I was one of those people who never really use to drink water. My skin, lips and hair became very very dry but still, never use to drink water. This step is super important not only for your skin, hair, nails but your overall health. Water helps flush out the toxins and I've seen a difference in how clear my skin has become even during the time of the month.

* Keep to a skin routine with products that are tailored towards your skin type. Years ago, I used to walk into a shop, see a product and use it within my routine once and disliked it because I found it was tailored for oily skin. Now not only is this a waste of money but it's also a lot of time investing into products that do not work for you. I know first hand finding products that work for you takes trial and error, but it may help by taking a look at the ingredients to see if they are going to suit your needs and your goals. Some products I've used in the past have been tailored towards acne which made my dry skin even worse and I never suffered with acne! Look for products that you know won't cause any problems for you and work with them.


I may just have a solution!

LaCure Beauté Black Thermal Face Mask

I haven't used a mud mask for a very long time after taking a dislike to them being quite thick and not enjoying the texture it left on my skin. However, as I've experience a few break outs due to stress I wanted to try them out again and see if this would change my mind. I was shocked with the consistency of this product as it is a mud mask but it feels more like a thin-medium cream. This is excellent as you can build up the amount you want to suit your needs. I tend to leave this mask on for around 10-15 minutes. Most mud masks that I have tried in the past tend to dry so you know when to then wash it off. I personally don't like products like that specially with my dry skin because it made it worse. This product however doesn't do that at all. It dries slightly but it doesn't dry to the point where it cracks and you can't feel your face ( you girls know what I mean.. maybe even men!) The brightness of my skin is down to this product hands down.

I tend to not put this product around my nose as I have broken capillaries which this can irritate, however, this is what I avoid with all products. If you have tried mud masks in the past which has dried your skin out then this is definitely one which I would recommend because it feels more like a thick moisturiser and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated.

I'd love to hear if you have used these products or what products have been working for you in the comment section below!

Lot's of love, Tanya x