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I'm excited to be getting back into my blog after so much focus on getting the ball rolling with my Youtube Channel! 

Today I'm going to be talking hair. Now if you are anything like me, my hair is my pride and joy. When it's styled right and feels amazing, my confidence instantly grows! I'm like a new person. After going for a drastic change in my hair, I actually went blonde! My confidence grew but my hair took all the damage. What made things worse was feeling that I wanted to go even more lighter as I found myself plastering my hair with bleach and hair dye after.. in one sitting. Now I know what you're thinking, why?! I'm spontaneous. If I have an idea in my head, I want it done there and then, without really thinking of the consequences. And oh how my hair took the consequences. I found myself crying in the bathroom ( wish I was lying ) whilst pulling the brush through my hair, watching chunks fall to the ground. I know, my mistake. Luckily my hair is quite thick so I wasn't left with major long term consequences apart from the unappealing dryness as the shine was utterly removed that I took so long to have. 

So after years of trial and error I have put together my top tips to restore the hair's shine and health, no more wishing for perfect hair when you can be on the right track to having the hair you've been lusting over on Instagram, I was the same!  


Although hair dye isn't really your best friend in the healthy hair department, it sure helps if your hair is in fairly good condition before you decide to change your look! Focusing on restoring your hair to the softness you've always wanted is a woman's dream, but how can we do this on a budget?  I have always believed that the skin, hair, mind and soul can really be nourished from the inside out. If you think of it, if your taking care of your body by eating the right things and incorporating vitamins and minerals into the diet, it really does 'shine' through. I know personally that I can tell when I need to drink more water by the dull and tired face and hair staring back at me in the mirror. I have definitely noticed a difference not only in the length of my hair, but through the condition of it when my body is hydrated. It's like your body is rewarding you. If the body feels good, it will show on the outside. If your lips are dry, the thing I tend to realise is that they are dehydrated and I head for the kitchen to drink as much as humanly possible. If my hair is dry, I think the same. 

As well as hydration, it's particularly important to make sure we have enough vitamins and I'm probably not the only one who doesn't get enough of my daily vitamin intake! Opt for a multivitamin, they even come in chewable gummy form which makes taking care of my hair even easier. 


Now I'm not saying I'm perfect at always looking after my hair because let's face it, life gets in the way and these days I'm falling asleep at 7 o'clock. But after seeing the damaging effects from the environment and added bleach, I've taken the time to really look after my hair on the outside as well as inside. There are a lot of hair masks out in todays market as well as DIY'S so theres such a variety to choose from! From the years of trial and error, I've learnt to purchase/make hair masks that target the key desirable outcomes that I really need. My hair is super dry, so opting for hair masks that contain either honey or say on the label ' for softness' is vital in my hair care routine. I tend to leave deep hair masks to do their magic from anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight! If I'm in a hurry, 10 minutes is better than no hair mask at all because theres nothing bad about adding some kindness to your hair.  


I never really thought about the effects on my hair from just heading outside until having soft hair in the morning and battling to get it out of a hair bobble at the end of a rainy day. If you think about the damaging affects on our skin, we can start to see how this kind of damage can have on our hair too. One of the worst things about this factor is that it is quite difficult to control the environment, however, using the steps above will combat the damage it has. Taking care of your hair by protecting it from the environment ; using buns, protective hair styles, using silk pillow cases, head scarfs and tucking the ends of our hair away from the wind pressure can all help. 

So wouldn't it be great to have a product that does all three key steps in one? These are the products that have changed my hair game. 

The Lee Stafford Mud Mask. This beauty has been an absolute hair saver. This hair mask is from the deep sea which is full of salts and minerals to deeply moisturise, strengthen, repair and rejuvenate the hair. I use this mask religiously as it's one of the few hair masks that I can use without weighing the hair down.  This mask can be used for even the shortest amount of time ( 5 minutes) and still the hair can benefit from all of the goodness. I use this mask twice a week now and I can say it has definitely reduced the damage from the bleach as it leaves my hair silky soft after. I am completely in love with this mask as it not only leaves my hair soft, it also smells amazing! If you have ever smelt Lee Stafford products then you'll already know how great this smells. It's one of the few hair masks that I have tried that actually leaves the scent in your hair after you have washed it. I can comb through my hair without pulling half of my hair out because hair is much more easier to manage if it is detangled. Still not convinced? Head into your local Superdrug or Boots and give it a smell, you'll be walking away a happy woman.. or man! 


 If you have been active on social media for a while, you'll remember everyone raving about coconut oil. Bad day? Coconut oil. Bad skin? Coconut oil. Life hack? Coconut oil. 

Now even when this trend was going ( still going ) I have used cold pressed coconut oil in the past and always wondered why it didn't work for me and why my hair ended up hard like cardboard. Maybe it was the way I was applying it? Maybe it just didn't work for my hair? Maybe it was a mystery. After many years of analysing my hair type, I was finally able to understand my hair type more and target techniques and products that work for it, instead of using products that work for other hair types ( I have another post on this.. ' how to grow longer healthier hair' ). Even after finding the technique to make coconut oil work for my hair, I found myself having to wash it 4 times after applying, even then my hair looked like 'second day' hair. For years I stayed away because of how high maintenance it was to use it. However, The CoCo LoCo Hair Oil is one of the first hair products I have used that still has all of the benefits of coconut oil but in a light spray. I was shocked that I even liked it after having such a troublesome time with coconut oil in the past. This product acts like a sealant to the hair which is amazing because it makes the top 3 tips above easy to achieve with this one product. If you think of it, once you moisturise the hair and have restored it back to life, how do we keep this goodness in? This is where the CoCo LoCo spray comes in. This spray will protect the hair from the environment, keeping in the moisture by stealing the hair strands. Think of it as a coat for the hair. This product will act as a barrier between the hair's moisture and the harsh environment. Even better when it's light, doesn't weigh the hair down and smells absolutely amazing. I use a small pea size amount which is enough product to coat the ends of my hair. It's a product I will continue to use. 

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Thank you for reading and I hope these tips have helped! Happy hair day! 

* Disclaimer - I was kindly gifted the two products mentioned, however this post is not sponsored or paid for in any way and my own views remain 100% honest.