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This year I have really focused on my skin care and I find that a lot of people have noticed, particularly If you follow me on my social media channels. I have a lot of comments on my skin and questions on how I keep my skin looking flawless. I will be telling all of my secrets on my Youtube Channel so please go subscribe!  

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So to make it easier for you to get the answers you are looking for, This post will refer to the products that are currently working for my skin and my Youtube Video ( part 2 ) will be up soon to discuss my 5 TOP TIPS FOR SOFT CLEAR SKIN FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE! Yes, EVERY skin type! 

So to kick start our skin journey, get out your notepads or jot down on a piece of paper why you clicked on this post? What was you hoping to find out? What are your skin care goals? Once you have them answers then you know exactly what you need to focus on to get your skin back on track and feeling more confident. This could be trying to figure out how to get softer skin, how to manage dry skin? how to manage environmental effects? There are so many different things that people want to work on and each person may have one goal to start with and that's perfect, go at your own pace because hey, it's not easy to start new habits but once you stick with it you'll find those habits start being apart of a normal routine. 

For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from dry skin. I'm quite lucky that my skin isn't severely dry, however, it's dry enough to interfere with some foundations. If this sounds like you or you are looking for new products to test out then this is the blog post for you. 

24k Bio-essence Skin Radiance Night Cleanser 

I've been using this cleanser at night to really help my skin recover from the day, whether that be from my makeup or from the harsh wind, sun and everything on the topic of environment.  I've found that this cleanser glides on smoothly to the skin which has a soothing effect. It creates a small amount of lather that works into the skin to remove any excess makeup or dirt on my skin at night. Each product that I mention may work differently on different people, I will only mention products that are currently working on my skin, with the hopes that you find something that catches your interest because it's taken me 23 years of trial and error and thats okay! I'll be talking more about the importance of using a cleanser in my routine more on my YouTube Video!

Christian Breton Paris Liftox Serum

This is one product I now can't live without. After years of, being honest, not taking much care to protect my skin from forming wrinkles, I've took a serious turn to try and prevent them now. If I can save myself treatments in the future by helping to protect against the cause in the first place then this is where my motivation comes from. This serum is on the luxury side of the budget, however the ingredient's make up for it. Containing snake venom like peptide, caviar extract and collagen, this serum gives me my youthful look.  So why caviar? Apparently, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have been shown to reduced inflammatiion when topically applied, however please do your research to determine whether you want to add this into your own skin care routine. I have been using this every day for 3 weeks and so far I have noticed that my skin looks more radiant and firm which hasn't made my skin feel uncomfortable and is one of the products that I will continue to use!

Christian Breton Paris Liftox Face Cream 

I use to be terrible, probably one of the worst people for not using face cream. I never used it growing up and in all honesty, I didn't think it would make much difference to the appearance of my skin. Oh how I was wrong! Specially with my dry skin.. around winter.. can you imagine? I use this daily, twice a day, morning and night. I am absolutely in love with the formula of this face cream, it's quite thick in texture but it absorbs so well into the skin. After 10 minutes my skin feels hydrated and that's luxury for any of you out there who suffer from dry skin like me! The smell is quite pleasant and I find it's like a drink for the skin. If you want to find out more how I got on with this, please comment below!

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Good Night Deep Nourishing Sleep Mask

If I haven't gone on about it enough, you probably would have guessed that I never used a sleep mask, ever. I thought a night cream at the very maximum would be absolutely fine for my skin. Until this little gem came into my life. This is a product that I apply on top of my night cream! I even use this sometimes throughout the day if my skin needs that bit more hydration. This little beauty is something I won't forget to apply at night because I've seen such a difference in my skin since using it. This gem gets to work whilst you sleep so as soon as you wake up, your skin thanks you and you don't need to do anything more. This is such a brilliant idea for those of you who need a simple but effective routine. All more reason to buy it as a special gift just in time for Christmas and you can even share the secret by gifting it to someone close to you. 

Christian Breton Anti-wrinkle Hydrogel Eye Contour Mask

Eye masks? Now I'm hoping I'm not the only one to only just put this into my routine, surely? I only ever used to use face masks and didn't think much of using anything more and plus I felt like this extra step might not make much of a difference anyway. Until I started to realise that with face masks, the eye area is un touched, I started to think about how neglected my under eye area had become. These hydrogel eye contour masks are the perfect way to treat the under eyes once a week and the road to hydrated eyes becomes easier. These are perfect because they can be kept in the fridge for personal preference to add to the cooling effect. This feels like giving yourself that salon pamper treatment but it's in your own home, even better. I started using eye masks as I started to notice lines after testing out a new concealer, sparking the thought that I really do need to start looking after my skin, besides, a great routine definitely makes the difference of the overall makeup look. I have many compliments on my skin care without foundation which makes me feel much more confident, so take care of your skin and your skin will thank you in return. 

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Thank you so much for reading! 
Please bare in mind that the products that I have mentioned are the ones that have personally worked for me and my routine, results may vary for different people so take time to test what works for you and your skin. 

With love, Tanya x 

*disclaimer - some of the products mentioned may have been gifted, this post however is not sponsored, I have not received any money and views and thoughts are 100% my own.
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