Hey everyone!

I recently conducted a poll to see the posts you guys would like to read more about and it was lovely to see so many of you participating and wanting to read more on skin care! I do a lot of posts on my blog regarding skin, including advice and all round helpful tips so go check out the variety of posts on my page and I hope they help!

One thing I noticed from the poll this time round was that a few more males were keen to know more about how they can help their skin and I hope anyone of any gender can take my tips away and introduce them into their routine.

I love writing about skincare, I feel very passionate about it as I personally notice a huge increase in my confidence! Going back a few years, I used to be the girl who would never leave the house unless I had a layer of foundation on. Over the years through reading self help, motivation books and creating a routine that has allowed me to feel comfortable being bare faced the majority of the time has really helped. So I hope you find some help from the following tips.

“At the core of your heart, you are perfect and pure. No one and nothing can alter that.” 
― Amit RayMeditation: Insights and Inspirations

TIP 1:

If you guys have already read my other posts, you'll know how much I stress about the importance of a good routine with products that work for you. However, no matter how good the product, the quality, quantity used, if you don't keep in mind the basis aspects of contamination then it can either greatly improve your routine and skin or it can adversely make things worse. How can this be? If you think of how many surfaces your hands touch, you'll realise how much bacteria we actually carry around with us through just our hands alone. If you think about that bacteria touching your skin, it may make your skin crawl and if it did then you'll realise the slight change in preparation before any skin care routine will make all the difference! I always make sure I wash my hands throughly before they even touch my skin. I feel a lot better about continuing into my routine and wash my face, knowing I have eliminated as much bacteria as possible to stop it from getting in contact with my skin. I even sometimes go to the extent of applying alcohol gel to my hands and letting it dry to ensure my hands are clean before I start.

After I am done with applying my cleanser and have washed my face with water, I ensure to pat my face dry using a fresh clean towel and then throw it into the washing machine straight after use.  This kills any oil or dead skin cells (gross I know, but true!) that has been transferred from my face onto the towel.

TIP 2:

I believe the perfect skin care routine is one where you've been through trial and error and have found the perfect products for you. Trust me when I say I have been through so many products to try and find the right routine for me and thats just it, finding a routine that works for YOU. If you find products that work perfectly fine, then carry on with what you feel comfortable using. Social media plays a huge role in marketing and theres so many products on the market at the minute that sometimes it's a little overwhelming. Trial them out, see if you can pop into a store to get a tester or if not, buy a small/travel size instead, one: it will save you money if the product doesn't work out for you and 2: you won't be wasting a lot of product if you use it once and end up never using it again.

TIP 3:

My last and final tip and probably one of the most important tips out of everything I have ever told you guys. If you are really struggling with your skin, there are people to help you! Only take this tip if it resinates with you. Take a minute to book an appointment to see a dermatologist as sometimes, people try everything they can to help their skin and maybe need products prescribed to them in addition or in replace of those in their routine.  One thing I found helpful when determining what products I needed to include in my routine was using a Skin Care Diagnostic Tool - I used the one that is presented on the Clinique website. Even if the brand isn't one of which you want to use in your routine, this test really helped me look at my skin from all angles and determined what skin type I had and what kind of products I needed to start using to help with the problems I had.

I really hope these tips have helped you to be more informed about the different things you can introduce into your own routine, if they have please leave a comment below id love to know!

"Beautiful is knowing you are one of a kind" - unknown.

                                                             With love, Tanya x