Hi Beauties! I thought after a while of taking a break from my blog, I'd come back even better than last time and share with you these three quick tips that have helped my hair to grow!

Now if there is any topic that I research quite often it would definitely be hair care! After my second pregnancy, I started to notice some fall out and my hair became weak and fragile. I will put my hands up, looking after two small humans is a challenge and I can be very busy, meaning that hair care was the last on my list to look after. Life in general can be quite hectic as most would agree, so we tend to focus our mind on other priorities. Over the last two months I have made three EASY changes to my routine which require MINIMUM effort, which cmon, easier the better right? I feel adding these three simple changes has made a huge difference on the strength of my hair and they have now become a part of my routine that I can do without taking up much time in my busy day.
                                                              Lets get on to the tips!


This handy hack has become one of the easiest transitions in my hair care routine which is brilliant because it's a tip that you don't need to think about, you just go to sleep and let the benefits work their magic! For years I used to use cotton pillowcases until I realised that silk has hypoallergenic properties which provides a natural resistance to mold,fungus and dust mites (gross). The properties made from silk can help prevent friction on the hair, helping to prevent split ends! P.S make sure the pillowcase you purchase is 100% silk.


For years I have used a normal rubber hair tie to keep my long hair at bay and without knowing it, it has secretly been damaging my hair and ruining all the other ways that I have tried to prevent dehydration, split ends and breakage. Back in school I used to use a scrunchie until I felt too old to rock the trend any longer. Am I the only one?
Doing some researching into this, I realised that although we all loose around 100 strands of hair a day due to the normal life cycle of our hair strands, more started to appear as soon as I started to regularly use rubber bands. My hair always used to be caught and I noticed that my ends were starting to break more easily. To think that all the steps I was taking beforehand to prevent breakage and then to use a rubber band straight after my deep condition, I was pretty much reversing everything I was trying to prevent. The old school scrunchie has definitely come back and is staying! I feel that there is less pull on my hair and hardly any fall out due to the soft material that the band is made from. Such a small change and a big difference on my hair! Also...they are super affordable and cute!


I never used to be the one to worry much about how I styled my hair at night. I use to either just leave it down or tie with a rubber band in a bun and I'd be good to go! I started to notice that whenever I used to take my hair out of the band, my ends used to be so brittle and dry! I felt that I should improve my hair care with products, didn't bat an eyelid to think about protective styles at night. So you can imagine..I used to spend so much money on preventing damage with the use of products, to then reverse all my efforts without realising it by wrapping my fragile hair in a bun with harsh rubber, creating friction and still was left confused to why it wasn't working. There are SO MANY youtube tutorials for so many hair types to help you create the style that works best for you, your hair and your routine. These styles can be so easy to add into your routine with minimal effort and time. I now either put my hair in a high bun so my hair is out of the way and secure with a scrunchie, or I do a quick 30 second plait to the side so all my hair strands are tight and together which helps prevent friction against the many turn overs I do at night!

These three tips are super easy to incorporate and I have noticed that as I have been taking more care of the condition on my hair, it has been easier to grow! So a win win situation here!

I hope these tips have helped you and if you have any that you would like to share I would love to know! Comment below x

With Love, Tanya x



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