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I thought this month I would share my favourite highlight and glosses which I have been reaching for quite regularly. I've tried experimenting with minimal/ no makeup makeup looks and have really been enjoying discovering new products and those which compliment each other.  Do you ever go through stages like this? I love to switch things up, discover new products and ways I can use them so they are multipurpose, besides, who doesn't love a product that you can use for both eyes and lips?

The first product I am going to talk about Is the Laura Geller New York Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in the shade 'Diamond Dust'.  From my first swatch I knew instantly that this highlight would be in with my all time favourite highlights. The shade compliments my fair skin tone really well! It's impressive as I've found a shade which doesn't make my cheek bones look grey/white/washed out, perfect! Please leave a comment below if you have ever tried this highlight, what are your thoughts? Or just comment your favourite product for the month of February!

The swatch above shows the true pigmentation of this illuminator, no edits, no change of contrast or brightness, the illuminator in it's true form. The pigment picks up pretty well so if you like subtle highlights then go easy with either the application or the choice of tool to apply this. It is buildable if you want an even more intense highlight. The image above shows the pigmentation primer free, amazing right? There isn't much fallout from this highlight if handled carefully. There is a pink/pearl undertone to this highlight which is demonstrated with better quality in the below image. It's such a gorgeous unique shade which is perfect for both the cheekbones and inner corner of the eyes, applying this is sure to make them pop! 

This highlight retails for: $26.00 US Dollars  
                                         £16.50 GBP Beauty Bay
                                         £21.00 GBP Cult Beauty 
                                         £21.00 GBP Look Fantastic 

To start, glosses haven't always been my favourite out of all the lip products, being completely honest with you guys, I tried a gloss once a few years ago and completely hated the texture it left on my lips, specially if they have become dehydrated. Lipgloss + Dehydrated Lips = my worse nightmare. So I never really looked back after that point, even though I loved the colour payoff, I just couldn't deal with the 'tacky' feeling, specially after being a matte kinda girl!


Yes, this is me actually saying I may have just been converted, not completely to gloss only but I've found a product that actually works well with my lips, doesn't feel dehydrating and has great colour payoff. The Laura Geller Color Luster Lip Gloss is one where one swipe of this, you have enough product to use for one application and provides great pigmentation. Some of the glosses that I have swatched in the drug store I find are very transparent and I find myself having to swatch 3-5 times to see the true colour. The thought of that many applications of gloss on my lips is an instant no, not only would that be costly if used regularly but wow, my lips would just feel that I have un-needed layers, not the best texture to feel. THESE however. WOW. I've taken a picture of the gloss with just one swatch, no edits, no play with contrast or brightness, the gloss in it's true form. I am certainly impressed with the pigmentation as it's just right for one application without the dreaded feel on my lips.

Let's talk texture. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has certain characteristics that I go for with products? 


The gloss does apply like a regular gloss does, however, it's no where near as tacky feel as some of the glosses I have tried in the past. It's bearable,  more of a creamy texture than tacky. I can actually apply this without the need to take it off straight away, specially when paired with a matte lip. It adds that shine and pigment without it being clumpy. However, it does transfer, which if I'm completely honest, I didn't expect it not to, considering it is a gloss, it's to be expected to a certain degree. Having said this, even with a transfer, I didn't find that my lips were bare after drinking, pigmentation of the gloss still remained which was great.

These two shades are PERFECT for the upcoming summer months, specially if you are matte girl like me and want to switch things up a little.  These shades are fun, vibrant but not overpowering and they compliment quite a few skin tones too. The best thing I love about makeup is products that you can buy and you know the money you have spent on it will see you through the whole time until the expiration date. Products that last. There are 6 shades in the collection. The top shade which is more of a peach shade is 'Rosy Tarte' and below is ' Berry Smoothie'. 

'This moisturizing, high-shine lip gloss leaves lips drenched in light-to-medium coverage with soft, yet brilliant, shine—ideal for everday wear! The lightweight formula is infused with antioxidant Italian Tomato Extract to protect lips and moisturizing Kendi Oil to condition, leaving lips soft and supple.'  - Laura Geller.

Retails for:
$19.00 US Dollars
£12.75 -HQHAIR

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it has helped someone discover a new product to add to their wish list or makeup kit! 

                                                                 With Love, Tanya x 

*Disclaimer: some products mentioned may have been sent as a PR gift, however, this post is not sponsored by the brand nor was I asked to do a review. All information provided is honest and all views remain my own.