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As a makeup artist, I am constantly looking for new trends, new collections and new shades to add to my kit. As I do makeup looks for a wide range of individuals of different age groups, I wanted to find a collection that was bold and allowed for a subtle but statement looks. I was kindly sent a few products from the Joan Collin's timeless beauty collection which was great because I have only seen a few but not many posts about her product line. If you haven't heard of her before, she is an English actress, author and columnist. Over the years, her makeup looks have always been quite bold and followed the trend of dark eyes and a statement red lip.  I was actually surprised to find on her website that she has a wide range of products to suit many skin types and skin tones to create your own statement look. The amazing thing about this brand as that it aims to keep skin healthy and treat the skin whilst adding beauty. So when you purchase a product, your skin and body is enjoying the luxurious benefits without you having to do add another step to your routine. 

The packaging for her brand is absolutely stunning. If you love the packaging of the Charlotte Tilbury products then this will be sure to make a statement on your dressing table. Apart from the packaging being luxurious, the shade range of the lipsticks are quite generous. I have two shades from the collection, Melanie (deep plum shade) and Evelyn (statement red shade) both that follow that trend setter.  Below, I have provided images of the lipsticks and swatches.

The shades are absolutely beautiful. Before swatching, I thought that the lipsticks would be a matte finish but actually they are more of a satin finish. They glide on the lips so effortlessly and have a moisturising formula which is great for those who have drier lips, love the satin finish and is perfect even for those who are within the older generation. The great thing about these lipsticks is that the colour payoff is amazing. I didn't need to use a lot of product to get the swatches at all. The only downfall about the formula is that because they are so creamy and moisturising, be very careful about about the pressure you place to get a swatch or put on the lips as they are fragile and found they can break easily, however, if you apply with a light hand then you are all good to go!

The shades definitely fit in with the statement looks from Joan Collins herself and the colour payoff is absolutely beautiful.  I have tried satin lipsticks from MAC and I find that these can be slightly uncomfortable on the lips, however, the formula of these lipsticks have a totally different feel on the lips. Although moisturising, these don't feel too uncomfortable which is great for those who suffer from having dry lips or find themselves having cracks show up from normal lipsticks.

  • Dermalogically tested
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Actively hydrates
  • Protects the lips
  • TESTED and SHOWN to improve hydration in 30 days.

If you are also not too bothered about transfer then these are perfect. They do transfer easily because of the moisturising formula it has although I find that if i want to reduce the transfer of any lipstick, not only Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, then I apply a small amount of setting powder and it doesn't transfer as much and allowed the lipstick of these beauties to have the same amount of pigment which is great.

Next up is the Timeless Beauty Lash Growth Treatment Gel. I've always wanted to lash full lush lashes without having to apply false lashes and although my own has some length, they are not as full as I want them to be. After using this product for 2 weeks i can already see if a difference in my lashes. Below I have inserted a picture of my lashes from using this treatment and how defined they look without mascara. They give my lashes a curl which is amazing before applying mascara and even without. I also have started to use this gel for my eyebrow hairs! My eyebrow hair is very light which can be annoying as I have to shadow in my eyebrow hairs if i want to look as though i even have any!

Above you can definitely see how much of a curl this product gives my eyelashes! That's me saving some money on salon treatments! The only thing I would say is that because this is a treatment gel, it does make your eyelashes slightly hard but not enough to interfere with applying mascara. It's quite a luxury treatment within itself and I can definitely say I will be purchasing this when it runs out! I also noticed that when I applied the treatment to my under eyelashes, the product came into contact with my eye and didn't irritate my sensitive eyes at all.  I also use this product as a 'clear brow' gel if I decide to have my eyebrows natural, I just apply this to the brow and it not only sets it in place but also gives them a luxury growth treatment!

I also tested out the Class Act Mascara in 'Black'. Below I have added the result and I am shocked. I can't believe that with how stubborn my lashes are and with whatever mascara i seem to have used in the past, I couldn't get all the results which I wanted, curl, volume and length and as you can see from the pictures, this did an amazing job! The formula isn't wet but it doesn't dry too quick either so it's great if you want to add more layers to your lashes without the worry of it clumping together which is a common occurrence with mascaras i have used in the past.

I am so impressed with the quality of the products and If you too are interested in getting the same result as me, ill insert a link below to direct you to where you can buy these products. Not interested in lipstick or mascara? The brand has also introduced a range of skin care, nails, fragrance, gifts and accessories, body care (body polish and luxurious bath salts).

Thank you for reading! Have you tried the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Range?

With Love, Tanya x

 Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

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