How To Get A Statement Look With Natural Ingredients

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I needed to tell you all about these products because with the pigmentation these have, I couldn't not do a blog post about them! I have heard so many good things about this brand because they use all natural ingredients in their products and I wanted to compare the pigmentation of natural products compared to others on the market.  Throughout my search, I was lucky enough to be sent these products to review, however all views remain honest and are my own. I have included swatches of the products to show you just how great the pigmentation is so you can see why I love these so much. 

As a makeup artist, I have many products in my kit that do not use natural ingredients yet I still use them because of the pigmentation. The great thing about the Ayuryedic Kajal is that they are handmade and are certified natural which means that they have been screened and certified safe to use. The brand uses organic ghee for soothing softness, camphor for natural cooling and cleansing and organised almond oil with natural pigments. I think it's great that you can find a brand that works with natural ingredients and do not test on animals, yet have great pigmentation! It's particularly important to know the ingredients list if you have sensitive skin or suffer from breakouts, knowing these are made naturally gave me confidence to begin with.

The two colours I have from this range are Cold Black and Rich Loam, these colour are quite bold and are perfect for multiple uses.  Starting from the left I have 'Pure Black' and on the right 'Rich Loam'. Both pigments can be used as either eye shadows or eyeliners which is great because it saves money on buying multiple products. Pure Black is well pigmented as shown and I can intensify the colour as needed for either a bold look or a more soft approach. Rich Loam is a bronze pigment with traces of gold glitter running throughout, it's beautiful. The pigments when applied are creamy and only needed one swatch to reveal it's true colour. The longevity of the products on the skin is quite interesting as i thought they wouldn't last as long because they included an oil, however much to my surprise these pigments last so long! I even took a swatch of me smudging the product once to show how well they keep on the skin. In honesty, I even found it quite hard to remove with just an ordinary facial wipe which shows how well this stays on the skin. 

I had to result to using coconut oil to remove the product and as you can see, the original swatch was still in tact after smudging. These beauties retail for £13.90 which is great for a product you can use as an eyeliner and eye shadow! They contain no lead or parabens and use nourishing almond oil, honey and cocoa butter. Best yet, they have a range of colour to choose, these can easily be integrated into different looks for all seasons, specially the vibrant colours for festival looks. I have included a link below to where you can buy these products in the UK and a chance to check out their amazing colour range for this summer. Enjoy!


Thank you for reading and I hope this has inspired you to try natural products as this brand has proved that you can have pigmentation without harmful ingredients.

With Love, Tanya x