Want Lighter Hair This Summer Without The Damage?

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The months leading up to summer I always go back and forth between changing my hair from a darker colour to light. As I'm quite a spontaneous person, I always think about wanting my hair lighter and will obsess about it until I have to head out to the store to dye my hair the very next day. The only thing that stops my thought process is the amount of damage hair dying can lead to. After all, if my hair colour is something I constantly think of changing then I definitely need something to help minimise the damage instead of having to cut off inches of my hair a few days later.

I was lucky enough to be sent the JPLEX Hair Colour Technology products which is fab as this is a product i have been seeing recently in my local Superdrug.  Although this product was sent to me, all views remain my own and I have not been sponsored to do this review.

I have been testing this product range for a month now to experience the benefits of the product. I normally go for 1 shade lighter in the summer ( I haven't got the confidence to go all blonde!) But I was pleasantly surprised by this range for even darker hair.  The process has three simple stages which you apply to your hair during the transition.   The range states to comply with the following;

Salon quality
Professionally formulated affordable at home treatment

Increases strength
Intensely nourishes hair while maximising the strength by up to x3

Increases shine
Add shine by encasing the hair shaft and sealing the cuticle

Added elasticity
Increases hairs elasticity enabling more stretch during the bleaching process, reducing breakages

Damage repair
Deep conditioning, to repair broken and damaged hair

Sounds perfect right?

Step 1 

Bond Builder.  You receive the two 7.5 ml Jplex Bond builders which are perfect because you can keep and use the other Jplex builder on your second attempt of colouring in the future.  These beauties are added into the Bblonde Highlighting or colourant kits.

Step 2

The Bond Maintainer. This treatment mask should be applied from root to tip, apply more if you have thicker hair, and it should be left for around 10 minutes and simply rinse off. I used this treatment two different ways to see if I saw any difference in my hair. First round was to apply from roots to tips before shampoo and conditioner, using this as a treatment mask before the shampoo dry's my hair out. Second round, I applied this treatment for 10 minutes, but applied after my shampoo and conditioner.  I have to say I didn't see much difference between using it either before or after I shampoo but I did however get the same results. My hair with using just this treatment was soft and I actually noticed a decrease in my hair fall after I brushed it. After having my second child, I suffered from quite significant hair fall which was upsetting so it's quite good to have found something other than taking supplements to help with the problem.  I have taken a picture of what the treatment looks like below and as you can see, it's quite thick in consistency which is what i personally look for in a hair mask.

My hair, being quite thick and curly, it became so much more easier to manage after shampoo. My hair type is dry and with every shampoo, my scalp tends to feel quite dehydrated. After using this twice a week for a month, i noticed that my scalp felt nourished, which i didn't think i would have in a short amount of time.

Step 3. 

Hair Perfector. This after care treatment states to ' enhance the condition of the hair during styling'. After using this product for a month, I instantly fell in love. If you the kind of person who needs to apply treatments such as styling products or leave in conditioners then this product is like a two in one. With it's easy application, I was able to use a small amount on towel dried hair to achieve my desired result. The best thing about this is that you do not have to rinse this product off and it does all the work for you. I can honestly say that after using these products my hair has never felt better. With two children, it's quite hard for me to visit the salon regularly and plus I don't have that kind of money to spend all the time. This system is definitely worth checking out because my dry, thick, dehydrated hair has now become something that I am now able to invest time in because I love the results it has given me. 

Thank you for reading, Have you heard of this system before or even tried it out for yourself? I'd love to know your thoughts!

With Love, Tanya x 



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