Could This Be The Best Drugstore Lip Liner Range?

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As I was going through my makeup storage, I noticed how much makeup has changed over the years and how trends come and go. I never used to be one for lip liner but now it's one of the biggest collections I have.  A lot of trends have come back and specially with influences from those famous on social media such as Kylie Jenner. Ever since using a lip liner, it has definitely improved the performance of an ordinary lipstick as when applied all over the lip, it makes my lipstick last so much longer, kind of like a primer for your lipstick! I also find that applying a lip liner not only makes my lips look slightly bigger, but I can also change and adapt the colours that I apply, such as applying a nude lip liner over a darker shade of lipstick to lift the colour slightly. Even better, applying a lip liner alone can also be perfectly eye catching and look just as good as a lipstick. 

I have put together some swatches of my favourite lip liners that work well with a lot of shades and are also affordable. I absolutely love the NYX Cosmetics lip liners because they are long lasting and the pigmentation is amazing.  Below, starting from the left I have shades Beige, Mauve, Earth Tone and Auburn.  These lip liners are priced at the amazing rate of £3.00, so affordable. 

NYX Cosmetics describes these as buttery. long- wearing which resists bleeding. The formula is quite buttery and are long-lasting however the darker shades do stain the lip, but nothing a little coconut oil and a lip exfoliating scrub can't work it's magic on.  The great thing about these lip liners is that they contain Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil which are nourishing ingredients for the lips in general so it's great to have protection whilst rocking your favourite lip combo. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this has given you some insight into these incredible products that definitely make your lipstick stand out. 

NYX At Cult Beauty

NYX At Boots

NYX At Feelunique 

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