Breaking The Bank For Lilly Lashes? Are They Worth The Price Tag?

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I've had such great engagement on my Instagram since posting a picture of me wearing these amazing lashes. Until recently, I never used to be the one for wearing lashes, typically because I wasn't the best at applying them to myself, but somehow I could get them right on others!  After some time thinking, and screaming "surely I can't be the only person?" I was finally able to learn the technique that worked for me. And that's the thing about techniques, is that you learn it over time, some find it quicker than others but it's honestly just practice and there's no real time limit to it. That's also the thing I love with makeup, you learn and find ways to make different techniques work for you.

After noticing that lashes completely changed my makeup game, making my eyes look more awake and really defining the shadows used, I started to look for  lashes that were natural and easy to wear. Social media definitely has a huge influence in my shopping basket. If your like me, you see someone wearing amazing lashes and you go to buy them because you want the same amazing look right? But then you get hit with the price tag. I know there are quite a few great brands for eyelashes on the market but after seeing so many people rave about Lilly Lashes and having the battle whether to buy them or not, i'm so glad I did. I am in no way sponsored by Lilly Lashes and all thoughts remain my own.

Spending £20 on a pair of lashes really did make me rethink about buying another pair from this brand because in all fairness, they are not cheap. However, the quality totally won me over. The quality of these lashes do reflect the price tag and they can be re-used up to 10-12 times if taken care of correctly. I brought the pair 'Goddess' which are a natural lash.  The brand states 'the Goddess Luxury Mink Lashes accentuate all eye shapes creating a whimsically wispie finish'. I didn't need any more convincing after this.

Although it states a natural finish, I do think that these lashes can be dramatic too, dependant upon the colour of the shadows you use. To demonstrate, I have uploaded the picture above of a smokey eye look with the lashes, although they are natural, they definitely make a statement which is what I really love about this look. They are very soft so my top tip is to be careful and take care of them because they are not cheap and if taken care of, you will definitely get your value for money.

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I'd also love to hear about if you have used these lashes and your favourite ones? Or if you use lashes in general and your favourite brand!

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