The Secret To Nourished Lips!

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I thought I'd spend some time writing about the one product that changed my lip condition, for life. I have always suffered from dry, dehydrated and cracked lips since the age of 14 years old. At first I put it down to the 'foundation over the lips' trend, however they still remained the same 10 years later. 

I had researched into this and started to drink more water, eat more fruit and vegetables as i was convinced it was a vitamin deficiency ( this can still be the case for some people!). After changing my diet, many months of testing different lip scrubs, there was still no change. At this point, it became frustrating to even wear my favourite lipsticks with the paranoia of people noticing how dehydrated my lips were.

Browsing through my beloved beauty bay, I came across a game changer. This is the NUXE Paris Ultra Nourishing lip balm. This product contains plant extracts, anti-bacterial honey and Shea Butter which was the product my lips fell in love with. I first started out using this twice a day, morning and night and I couldn't believe it that within six days, my lips were actually normal. No more chapped lips! I now use this religiously in my skincare routine. It's quite thick in texture but it absorbs well into the lips within a short amount of time. This retails for £9.50 and has a shelf life of 6 months once opened. With the benefits this gives, i'd happily pay more! I use this price to my advantage and stock up because 10 years has been too long without this product in my life! 

Thanks so much for reading! Comment below your favourite lip product to use?

With love, Tanya x