How to clean your Beauty Blender in 2 easy steps

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I thought I would it would be a good idea to tell you all how I clean and disinfect my Beauty Blender in 2 easy steps, I say it's easy because it only takes 5 minutes and when it comes to cleaning brushes it's not the most quickest of tasks. However, with this routine you can do this these two easy steps whilst the kettle is boiling, so let's go!

A good application of foundation or however you use your Beauty Blender is now popular using this tool. If you've purchased one of these, you'll know that they aren't the cheapest, retailing for £16.00 for the original Beauty Blender.  So looking after this tool has the same importance as looking after your brushes, even more with this because of moulding. I know what you may be thinking, how is that possible? 

As its a rule of thumb to wet a Beauty Blender before the application of makeup right? however bacteria and germs will grow within this moist environment. So leaving it out after makeup even once can start this process and is one factor that can cause acne. Imagine putting a sponge of mould on your face every time you use it in the morning? It's more noticeable with the lighter colour Beauty Blenders. 

There's a few brush cleansers on the market but I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo, £1! So it's affordable and very effective which is great! Firstly build a lather of shampoo into the Beauty Blender and ensure you are using warm water. 

Next make sure you squeeze out all the water in preparation for the following step (you'll need a microwave for the next part).  Fill a microwaveable container with a small amount of water and pop it in for 30 seconds. As a Beauty Blender touches the face it can collect dirt particles, which will grow bacteria if left unclean, the heat of the microwave kills these germs and can prevent the growth happening in the first place by using this routine. Easy right? 

The final step is to leave to cool down and squeeze any water that the sponge may that soaked up and place in an open container to dry. You can even use a egg cup or any container that allows to air to ventilate around the Beauty Blender. You now have a perfectly cleansed and sterile Beauty Blender which will provide a fresh and flawless foundation base for the next use!

Which products do you use to clean your Beauty Blender? Please leave a comment below!

With love, Tanya x