5 Top Tips For Healthier Skin You Need To Know!

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I thought I would follow on from my last post (my skin care routine) if you haven't checked it out already then go have a look and come back to this! As I have become more aware that i'm not getting any younger, I started to look at ways in which to keep my skin youthful, it will definitely thank you later in life.
I've put together 5 simple steps to keep our skin the best we can!

Step 1 

I've been quite lucky in the sense that I don't suffer from a lot of breakouts, however, this tip saved the condition of my skin. The environment! So your probably thinking, what has this got to do with our skin? The same environment that we explore everyday can also be a factor that damages our skin. The harsh winds, sun rays, sun damage and pollution can really cause our skin vessels to battle! I therefore ensure I use a day cream that includes a SPF as it not only allows me to skip a step in the rush hour routine in the mornings but also hydrates my skin which is important to keep the elasticity. I believe if we take care of our skin, it will show in return! I suffer from redness around my nose which the wind played a huge factor in this damage as I never used to wear a day cream. I also was never thoughtful of the temperature of the water when washing my face. I used to use a temperature more warmer than what I do now and used to alternate this with extreme cold water to 'close my pores' however this burst the blood vessels around my nose. Bad idea! But it goes to show how much the environment can affect our skin!

Step 2 

Following on from the environment, this is another factor which I never thought of throughout the years. As a social media influenster, my daily dose of internet includes spending a lot of time on my mobile phone. If you think of the many surfaces we touch during the day and then that's passed on to our phones and then onto the skin, you can imagine how much dirt and bacteria touches our face. I therefore ensure to keep wipes in my bag at all times and clean the front screen a few times daily. It takes literally less than 10 seconds with this step to help keep clear skin! This step also made me think of other items that touch our face, our pillows! I ensure to change my pillow case regularly and clean my makeup brushes a few times a week as bacteria are happy to sit in the hairs of our brushes ready for the next application! So if you suffer from breakouts, these steps can help limit the amount of bacteria that touches your face.

Step 3

Only until the recent years, I have only started to adopt a good skin care routine. I do hold my hands up to the fact that growing up, soap and moisturiser was pretty much the only things I used to use and oh how my dry skin suffered! Start by analysing the skin type you have, Dry? Sensitive? Oily? Combination? And start buying products that target your skin type as these products have different ingredients that compliment and help the skin type you have. The more you know about your own skin the better you are able to care for it.  I have now adopted a skin care routine that includes, makeup remover, exfoliate, cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream and I can honestly say after you get into the routine of using these products and seeing the difference they make to the appearance of the skin, it will motivate you more to keep to a routine.

Step 4 

Okay, ill be honest and hold my hands up to this but when I've had such a long day, I used to think baby wipes/ makeup remover wipes were just as good as my normal bedtime skin routine. Oh how wrong was I. One of the things that this did to my skin was dry it out even more and make me break out. One of the important things I realised was that with these wipes, It didn't remove as much of my makeup as I once thought. In the image below, I applied toner to a cotton pad to show how much dirt was left over on my skin using a wipe alone. Imagine the bacteria that's left on my skin for 8 hours? Bacteria + Clogged pores = perfect environment for breakouts.  So when I'm in bed and I feel too tired to do my routine I make sure it is all laid out in the bathroom along with my toothbrush so I don't have any excuse to not carry out the full routine. Looking at the image below was enough motivation for me.

Step 5 

This step will help you look for products that are not only better and more gentle on the skin but it will also make you save a lot of money on buying the wrong products. I never used to be one for looking at the ingredient list on skincare products until I finally had enough of breaking the bank for products that did absolutely nothing for my skin. You'd be surprised at the ingredients that cause more harm than good and who wants to buy that? After suffering years with dry skin, I avoid anything with harsh chemicals such as alcohol. Lush are a company that have AMAZING products with all natural ingredients. One rule I go by is that if I can't say the same of a certain ingredient then do I really want that soaking into my skin? Find products that compliment your skin and improve the condition. I found that my dry skin hates tea tree but someone with oily skin with break outs may love it! Being more careful with what you put on your face will definitely thank you in the long run.

Thank you for reading and I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me!

With love, Tanya x



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