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My name is Tanya and I am a Youtuber and Blogger, I test out makeup and skincare products, provide TIPS AND TRICKS that make beauty that bit easier! Nothing makes me feel more happy than proving YOU with the best advice and makeup products from drugstore to highend to make YOU feel confident. 

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I would firstly like to welcome you to my blog.

I'm twenty three, I'm a mother to my two beautiful little girls and i am a huge enthusiast to all things beauty! Also part-time Dominoes lover or addict some might say (haha).
I'm a self-confessed beauty addict with a diploma in Bridal Makeup. 
I have started Tanya Talks to share with you my love of makeup and skincare, sharing my thoughts, swatches of high-end and drugstore finds whilst interacting with others who share this passion too! 

Sometimes, (i say sometimes but i mean all the time), I spend approximately one hour in makeup stores battling between the bank card and justifying the price of products, particularly when products are on the higher end of the scale. This can be time consuming and thoughts may arise " is this worth the money?"

(i tell myself a countless times that online shopping is far more convenient as shopping with a newborn and a toddler is a battle but can be messy too!).  I love to invest my money on products that i feel are worth their price instead of a well presented package and overrated on social media.
Starting this blog will allow me to write about product claims and keep you guys updated with the products expectations.  

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog posts in hope this will reflect some new insight for you to gain. I hope for you to share this journey with me. 

With love, Tanya x 

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Email: makeupbytanyabusby@gmail.com