5 minute makeup look? Here's how: ft BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette

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For the longest time, i never used to have much motivation to do my whole makeup routine in the mornings, not because I don't love makeup, of course i'm obsessed. However, having two children made it 100000% harder because it was a miracle if i was able to even have breakfast in the morning in peace (without trying to hide in the bathroom to eat a piece of toast without " mum can i have some". 

As a makeup artist, I have a lot of eye-shadow palettes in my kit, however not many that have the luxury of neutral eyes-shadows and highlighters with great pigment! Also, this palette is quite compact and I am able to take it with me in my bag without taking up much space which is a plus in my book! 

The Carli Bybel  14 colour eyeshadow & highlight palette is one of two palettes that she has created with BH Cosmetics and retails for £18.00 on beautybay.  The palette contains a mix of ten matte and shimmer shadows and four high impact highlighters.  

As you can tell, I couldn't wait to swatch (like a kid in a sweet shop) but can we all just take a moment to appreciate how amazing these colours are! they are super pigmented and found that because they are easy to blend because they are a creamy formula, although some of the darker colours within this palette are slightly powdery with a little fall out, i found just simply doing my eyeshadow first before foundation allowed me to clean it up without any problem. Also, i was able to switch from a day time look to an evening look in just a  few steps with the mix of light and darker shadows.  SUPER EASY! 

This palette is definitely worth the money and considering you get a good selection of shadows and highlighters compared to drugstore and even higher end makeup which can make your bank account CRY with the price for just one item, you can even use the highlighters as pigments on the eyelid which is amazing if you want to glam up the look! 

The palette is also cruelty free and with the variety of highlight shades to suit many skin tones, this is a great investment. 

Comment below if you have tried this palette and what did you think?! 

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